Machines Of Living Death

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Album: Re:boot 2011 (2010)

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Song: RedQueen:

Bitrate: 192kbps

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Machines Of Living Death create "cybercore", a fusion of the grind of industrial and extreme metal with the grooves of drum and bass. Many will compare them with phrases like "Skinny Puppy meets Slayer" or "Fear Factory meets Orgy", but listening to them unmasks a sound that is much more complex.

By creating new tones, and stretching the limits of current technology, M.O.L.D. (short for Machines Of Living Death) have created a sound that is much more cohesive then the typical attempts to merge metal and electronica, maintaining enough headbanging accuracy, melodic prowess, and bone-crushing stompability to satisfy the most extreme fan from the jaded rivethead to the death and black metal fan.

Live, a M.O.L.D. Show is an immersion into a digital nightmare, complete with projections, sync'd videos, and the kinetic energy of Cancer, V5.0, and Zombot. and Ghost. After relentlessly playing the East Coast, and as far away as Texas during 2009, M.O.L.D. Is working on there new EP (Re:boot 2011), and subsequent new album (Horrotica).